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Open Other Missing keybind "Show all object names"

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May 28, 2021
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Looking to Reinstate "Show all object names" keybind
I've run into issues with PvP and the loading of objects many time as my primary example, but things like player events also tend to become laggy, and just pressing ctrl-n instead of having to show everyone how to turn stuff off makes things easier. Many times I have to stop what i'm doing to teach players or remind them of how to individually turn off certain objects when they could just press ctrl-n.

This is a QOL fix. Thanks
Looking to make things easier.
Can we bring this back ? As someone who used this ALL the time. I miss it.

Yes I know you can manually open up options EVERY TIME you want to turn off some object names in a house , or at an event, but this was better as it remembered your settings and was bind-able. Looking forward to seeing what people think. Thanks.

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May 28, 2021
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Personally I'd prefer this was exposed to a macro UI command - but either way I'd like a way to toggle it quickly!