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Open Other Mysterious Data Disks aka Treasure Hunting

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Jun 24, 2022
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Rather than the same old loot for the level of disk, let there be a random roll or two for rare, unique or expensive items. I can get endurance stims, color crystals and that worthless bounty hunter outfit stuff off of any random kill. I want the chance to get something really cool and thus keep me and others treasure hunting.
Seems the devs have made them harder to obtain now, with a Cursed usually having 3 level 85 Jedi guardians and the Mysterious having at least one or two Whites with possibly a Yellow on Mysterious Data Disks. Problem is, you made them tougher to get but didn't change the loot system. In the past, one could easily solo a Mysterious and I agree it was way too easy, but the reward should be equal to the risk.
Make it fun and exciting again.
I love treasure hunting, one of my favorite aspects of the game, however I've seen a change lately that discourages me from continuing. Though I only get Cursed and Mysterious Data Disks now (with the RARE Jedi Artifacts one) I find the loot to be the same old same old.