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Feb 11, 2022
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Implement a new Resource Analysis Device that allows Artisans and Scouts the ability to discover the stats/quality of a resource on a planet without needing to sample. It should not produce any resources.
The current system I believe was designed for a time long ago,
Remove some of the tedium from resource discovery.
The current way crafters discover new resources was conceived when a player was only able to have a single character on a server. If you decided to go full blown crafter then part of the game was spending hours travelling between planets, trekking miles between sample spots and recording everything in your questionably obtained copy of Microsoft Excel. Without this part of the game crafters wouldn't really have a massive amount of reason to log in other than top vendors up and sort out harvesters.

In R3 we all have the option of 2 characters, potentially cutting the amount of playtime in half (and let's be honest 15 years ago we all had more time anyway!). For me, this means that trying to keep on top of resources (especially Organics) now feels like an overhead rather than a beneficial part of the game resulting in me using third-party tools to see what's available rather than doing this in game.

My proposal would be that Artisans can create a Resource Analysis Device. This can be "keyed" on first use to a specific 3rd tier resource group (e.g. Inorganic > Mineral > Metal or Organic > Flora Resources > Flora Food). The device can then be used by an Artisan or Scout where it will list the various resources available with a "analysis viable" yes/no note (based on there being 5% or more of that resource at that spot). The user can then click an "Analyse" button where after a short period it produces a message with the quality of the resource. It should be usable whilst mounted and have a limited number of uses (perhaps 10 to 20) and also not usable with NPC city limits.

Well that's my thinking - I'm sure that this could be polished. I'm not after anything automated, but I feel the current system no longer adds any real play to the game.