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Open Artisan New Item Suggestion - Tailor Factory Crate Coloring Kits

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Jul 16, 2021
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I believe it would be nice to have an item for tailors that would allow them (Master Tailor ability only) to color a piece of clothing upon removal from a factory crate.

Clothing factory crates would receive a new radial option to 'Get Item from Crate/Select Color' to pull a single item from factory crate, receive the color palette, and then choose the color of the item prior to it coming out of the factory crate.

This could either be a passive ability, or a new schem for an item could be created that would need to be present in the inventory (say with 25 charges), in order to perform this action. Each time the action is performed the charge of the item will decrease by 1.
Just a quality of life improvement. Armor has re-color kits - and it makes sense. Tailor can't have re-color kits because clothes are used mostly as appearance and don't decay - so if those were introduced - no one would ever buy clothes again unless they wanted different colors.

If we had a way to make clothing options more prevalent - it would be nice. This would give motivation to create clothing in factories and then you could choose the color as it comes out of the factory crate. Additionally - this new 'item' that allowed you to re-color clothes out of the crate could be a new resource sink I'd be more than happy to participate in.
The reason I suggest this is because tailor in terms of clothing resource requirements is not enough to justify premium pricesw- but the amount of work to output custom colors on a mass scale is significant. Factory crates are great - but the wide variety of color options for tailor clothing essentially makes using a factory for end-items (shirt/pants/vest/etc..) completely pointless, because the schematic is tied to a single color.

I don't know many people that choose to be tailor to become rich. To me it is cool to supply the community with unique looks so not everyone is walking around in the same clothes - I thought stocking a vendor with different color clothes was really cool - until I did it for a while and it just seemed underwhelming. If I'm going to list a piece of clothing for 1-3k per piece to be bought by someone who will most certainly wear it as appearance and never have to buy again - I'd like it to be a little easier to make different colors/variety.
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