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Open Other No one cared who i was until i put on the mask.

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Jun 13, 2021
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Treasure masks wearable. Maybe give all of them upon completing the collection including them?
People will be happy to wear these, most of them already want to.
Because this will be a fine addition to our little choice of face and head clothing.
Greetings yet again my humble R3 players.
I have come to this website with another idea of mine.
Now, i have always been there for people and with people. I was there when server was down for 2 days, i was there when certain individuals got justice served to them, i was there when a much respected person left the project. Drama? I am there. Someone gets bullied? I come and protect them.
Society treats new players like trash? Come on, I'm the freedom fighter myself.
And now I've came to ask you about one thing. What if we could wear treasure masks? You probably think "But Max, this is crazy" i know and that's why i want this controversial change to make into our server.
Don't you want to role play as Mandalore? Or perhaps a sith warrior with cool mask hiding your face?
I sure do.

Yours truly,
Maximilian Lyyr.
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