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Open NPC/Vehicle Guards outside of GCW bases

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Jun 20, 2021
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NPC and vehicle guards added outside of the base, with a general at the bottom for certain bases or for certain ranked players.
Difficulty of taking over a base increased as well as a little more engagement in the GCW conflict.
increase difficulty of destroying bases, adding a little more innate defense to help lower the mandatory cost to defend a base. Newer players will struggle to spend 1-2mil on a base to have it destroyed in a day.
Proposal: As of right now there are only some silver guards inside the base which you can for the most part fight 1 at a time, turrets (that kind of bug out if you get close to them) and mines which are really just a bit annoying. Having some patrolling NPCs or even an AT-XT (or w/e for imps/rebs) or two outside the base could be really neat and provide a little more engagement to the taking over bases. Perhaps even a weaker version of an Invasion general at the bottom. Perhaps reserve this for a higher level base like officer ones or any base if placed by an officer of X rank.
Nov 16, 2021
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Would be kind of neat to beef it up a bit. NPCs are mostly a minor nuisance. Make bases like a mini Tower Defense style game lol
Jun 8, 2021
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I really like the "Mini-General" NPC idea at the bottom of the base. Similar to "Keep Lord" NPCs in other games.