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Community News Open Nominations for the Inaugural Galactic Senate

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About Galactic Senators:

Galactic Senators are elected community representatives that work in tandem with the Restoration III Development Team. Senators serve two primary functions:
  1. Help the Development Team prioritize roadmap items and future updates or changes by remaining active in, listening to, and representing as the voice of their constituents.
  2. Participate in advance briefings with the Development Team regarding new concepts or planned changes to act as a sounding board and provide more intimate feedback as a voice for their constituents throughout the design and ideation process.
Note: Senators are not responsible for voting on or approving ideas or changes, rather they can help the Development Team know which to focus on and share additional feedback during the design process. General feedback and suggestions are still crowdsourced through PlayerVoice.

Senators serve a 6-month term once elected and are expected to give active input through their term.

Senator Roles and Constituent Groups:

  • Melee Senator: Brawler, Fencer, Pikeman, Swordsman, Teras Kasi Artist
  • Ranged Senator: Marksman, Carbineer, Pistoleer, Rifleman
  • Medic Senator: Medic, Combat Medic, Doctor
  • Social Senator: Entertainer, Dancer, Musician, Image Designer, Chronicler
  • Artisan Senator: Artisan, Architect, Armorsmith, Chef, Droid Engineer, Merchant, Shipwright, Tailor, Weaponsmith
  • Outdoors Senator: Scout, Ranger, Bioengineer, Creature Handler
  • Hybrid Senator: Bounty Hunter, Commando, Smuggler, Squad Leader
  • Community Programs Senator: Storytellers, Guilds, Player Cities, and Events
  • Space Senator: All JTL/Space Content and Ships, etc.
  • Force Sensitive Senator: Anything related to Jedi and Force Sensitive
  • PvP Senator: A specific representative for PvP content and mechanics
  • GCW Senator: All things factions, e.g., GCW, bases, faction perk, planetary control game, etc.

Senator Perks:

  • All characters on the account of an elected Galactic Senator will have an overhead title tag “(Galactic Senator)” appear above their name. This title tag is not removable, appears on all characters, and does not use the “Character Title” slot. When a Senator is no longer in office, they will receive a “Former Galactic Senator” character title and will no longer have the overhead title tag that is reserved for Senators currently in office.
  • All Senators, upon inauguration, will receive on a character of their choice, a Senate Pod Vehicle, which is an exclusive, permanent vehicle reward available only to elected Senators.
  • Senators are identified in Discord with a gold name.

Inaugural Senate Timeline:

  1. Members of the community can nominate themselves or others using this form between December 2 and December 15.
  2. Once the nominations window closes, Staff will confirm eligibility to serve and will release a complete list of Candidates for each Senate position the week of December 27. Senators that have been nominated will have several coordinated opportunities to campaign in Discord, at an in-game event, and through their own efforts.
  3. Voting will take place over the course of 7 days in mid-January, with more details on the voting process to be announced soon.
  4. The inaugural Senate will enter office on February 1 and serve through August 31.


For a nomination to be approved and allowed on the ballot, the player must:
  1. Have been actively playing for the last 3 months. Each nomination will be evaluated individually, but a general rule would be an average of 5 hours of playtime per week over the course of the last three months.
  2. Not have any recent disciplinary actions taken against their account.
  3. Not be a member of another Restoration III Community Program (Community Partners or Contributors).
  4. Have availability to attend meetings over voice in Discord every 3 months, and ongoing discussions over text as needed.
  5. The Staff may exercise reasonable discretion in not accepting a nomination.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality:

Senate meetings and conversations with the Development Team are confidential. Senators who breach confidentiality will not only be violating the credence of the Senate program but also our Terms of Service and will be subject to disciplinary action.


Senators are valuable to both the development team, and the community - as such they are expected to remain active for the length of their term. Going 35 days without logging into the game or notifying their fellow senators of their absence may result in removal from office.

Removal From and Vacancies in Office:

Senators are representatives of our community. As such, misconduct resulting in infractions or suspensions, inactivity, breaching confidentiality, or participating in any other behavior that would reflect negatively on the Restoration III project may result in dismissal from the Galactic Senate program. If a senator has been removed from or leaves office, The Development Team, in consultation with the Senate, will determine an appropriate course of action to ensure the constituents maintain their representation and senate activities are without disruption.

Thank You:

Participating in the development process of R3, and volunteering your time for the betterment of the project is greatly appreciated. We have attempted to offer cosmetic in-game perks as a token of gratitude, but that alone is not enough to convey how grateful we are to those who step up as representatives in this program. From the whole development team, thank you.
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