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Community News Open Nominations for the Third Galactic Senate

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Nominations are now open for the Third Galactic Senate. For more information about the Galactic Senate program, please see this page.

The process will proceed as follows:

  • January 13 to January 27 - Open Nominations Period, anyone can nominate themselves for a Senate Seat
  • January 27 to February 3 - Campaign Week
  • February 4 to February 12 - Voting Period
  • February 12 to February 15 - Winners Announced, Runoff Period (if applicable)
  • February 18 - Senate Inauguration and Third Galactic Senate Begins

To submit a nomination, you can complete this form and nominate yourself.

Senate Medallion of Superior Service​

The Development Team awards a single senator each term with the Senate Medallion of Superior Service, in recognition of a Senator who has gone above and beyond their duties to support the project and development initiatives. The medallion is a unique, wearable, glowing necklace awarded to all characters of the Senator's account and features a one-time customizable stat mod.

This term, the Development Team is pleased to award the Senate Medallion of Superior Service to Solowest (Artisan Senator)!

Senate Productivity Report​

As an aide to voting for Senate Candidates that are seeking re-election, the Development Team has provided a ranking of all existing Senators based on the following rubric. Note that only the score is available and that candidates identified as deficient are not eligible for a second consecutive term.

Deficient (0 Points)Adequate (1 Point)Exceptional (2 points)
ActivityLittle to no presence in the Senate-related programs or activities and/or little to no presence in the community.Present when called upon and/or engaged when necessary to support the Senate Program and its duties.Known voice in the Senate Chambers with a record for engaging on all topics, even if unrelated to their senate role, with the clear goal of supporting the game and community.
AdvocacyRarely, if ever, advocated on behalf of their constituents or represented their interests.Occasionally advocated on behalf of their constituents and represented their interests.Frequently advocated on behalf of constituents, represented the interests of their constituents (even if outside of their own), and worked to engage their constituents separately from their inbound communications through events, senate channels, or other means.
AdvancementProvided poor, if any, feedback on development ideation, made little to no suggestions for improvement, and did not engage with the community outside of Senate responsibilities.Provided feedback on development ideas, occasionally suggesting or exploring alternatives. Engaged with the community outside of Senate responsibilities.Heavily participated in debate and feedback with the development team during the ideation process, evaluating trade-offs, exploring the effects of proposed solutions, and diving deep. Put forth their own suggestions and ideas to drive innovation. Deeply engaged with the community outside of Senate responsibilities.

Overall Score: 0 to 2 Points - Deficient; 3 to 4 Points - Adequate; 4 to 6 Points - Exceptional

  • Rozay - Exceptional
  • Remis - Exceptional
  • Ralna - Exceptional
  • Rohlan - Exceptional
  • Prudi - Adequate
  • Skyde - Exceptional
  • Arvenia - Expectional
  • Solowest - Exceptional
  • DJGonk - Deficient
  • Latt - Deficient

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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