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Open Social Option to change the way Languages are displayed

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
May 28, 2021
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Add an option that will allow a player who has learned the comprehension skill for a non-Basic language to see text in both the translated and original forms.
Since it will be added as an option, it won't affect players who don't care and just want to ignore languages entirely. However, I think it should be the default setting since it is more fun and star-warsy.
The language system is a heavily underutilised feature of this game. I believe the reason for this is that once a player has learned the comprehension skill for all languages, they will only ever get to see the translated text and never the original alien language. The only thing that changes is the game adds the name of the language that is spoken, which is boring and makes the feature not worth using.

This proposed change should make it feel as if there is a different language being used, making it more immersive and hopefully encourage more people to speak in something other than Basic.
Examples of how languages are currently displayed in game (using the "Brief" chat formatting style)

If the player has not learned the relevant comprehension skill
PlayerName: [Ithorese] sisehessessy, osssisstseh zy ssssehsehz ssyklk

If the player has learned the relevant comprehension skill
PlayerName: [Ithorese] hello, nice to meet you

Proposed change
PlayerName: [Ithorese] sisehessessy osssisstseh zy ssssehsehz ssyklk (hello, nice to meet you)
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Apr 9, 2022
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I wouldn't mind something like this, however I have always had the feeling that the "alien" languages were so much gibberish instead of an actual verbal translation.
There are some players who are "pedantic" that might be upset about that.

But I personally don't mind!

What I would like to see is a fix to the fact that if I "chose" to speak in a different language, it ALWAYS defaults back to "Basic" when I log out.
Even on my Rodian and Jawa (Bothan), they always log on speaking basic and I have to go into the community menu and reselect their native tongue.

All of my other choices stick - title/no title, biography, etc.
Why can't my language choice stick?
Then, this PV would make a bit more sense.

As it is, if I have to go change it every single time I log in, then it doesn't matter if I see it in another language or not.
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