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Open Outdoors Pet/Droid targeting range, and line of sight

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Oct 30, 2021
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Reduce pet attack incite range to 65m
Restrict pet attack incite to line of sight of pet only.
Players feel it's unfair advantage to pull mobs, with pets and droids, which are not in line of sight.
Reduce player frustration for those that don't use pets or droids.
Currently pets and droids can target things over 100m., sometimes as high as 120m depending on elevation difference.
They can also attack things that aren't in Line of Sight.
May 25, 2022
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The current maximum pet pull range is 175m.

I could see this proposed range being troublesome in the rare cases that people PVP on the server.

An enemy dipping in/out of the 65m range could prove challenging to reliably send your pet to attack. Each time you tell your pet to attack, a GCD is spent and you must wait to try again. The ability to stack cybernetic arms to reach over 65m creates further disparity. I feel this is too short for pets to be able to begin approaching a target for attack. Line of sight will prove incredibly frustrating for PVP as well, allowing players to use LOS to avoid a CH from being able to initiate a pet attacking them.