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Jun 4, 2021
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I propose that each planet be given a specific city bonus based on the planet that city is built. These bonuses would stack with existing city specializations and clothing/armor mods. I feel that doing this will increase the likelihood that expansion will occur to the lesser built planets.
We have one Galaxy, not loads of galaxies like live did. We are one community, so lets grow this Galaxy and take advantage of everything the R3 team has given us. We should have bustling metropolises on every buildable planet. I am not suggesting overloading Rori and the other less popular planets, but let's build a few cities!
Rori is empty. Talus isn't THAT much better. Same with Dantooine and Lok. Everyone builds on Corellia, Tatooine, and Naboo. Why overpopulate those planets when there could be a way to encourage moving to these other locations?
As I was doing the Imperial Theme Park, I was taken to Rori. There are no visible player cities on that planet. (Not saying they don't exist) However, I would like to propose planetary bonuses for player cities on different planets to encourage equal growth to all planets, and hopefully increase players present in different static cities, like Theed, Coronet, etc...

Here are my ideas. PLEASE tweak as you like. This is just brainstorming, but I really hope this gains some traction and helps us all grow R3.

Lok: The vast desert that is home to the enormous Kimogila, numerous other animals, and even random groups of pirates. Cities built on this planet will gain an additional 10% mission payout from Mission Terminals used within city limits.

Tatooine: You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, but cities built on this iconic planet will gain 10% bonus payouts on Bounty Hunter Missions picked up within player city limits. (Would also include slicing bonuses, but I am unfamiliar with how slicing would work for that. Please advise!)

Naboo: Cities built upon this beautiful planet will gain an additional 10% bonus to resources gathered while sampling or using harvesters within city limits.

Rori: The untouched swamps of this quiet planet have provided for higher quality resources. Player cities built on Rori will find themselves with a 1% bonus to resource quality during crafting within city limits.

Talus: This planet's economy has historically been based on starship manufacturing. Player cities on Talus will keep that economy booming with an extra 1% bonus to Shipwright Reverse Engineering.

Corellia: This planet is known for its bustling cities, and being the center of the Corellian system. Cities built on this planet will gain an extra 60 minutes on all entertainer buffs, and +1 to inspiration pulse increase.

Dantooine: Thousands of years ago, Initiates took their first steps toward becoming a Jedi at the now ruined temple on Dantooine. There, they were trained in how to craft their first lightsaber and harness the power of the Force. The residual Force on this planet grants an extra 1% Amazing Success Chance during crafting within player city limits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I understand that some of these bonuses could be way overpowered, but I know that as a community, we could all figure out a way to make this fair and grow our server. :)
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