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Open Other Please fix the hula hoop effect on crafted belts.

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May 28, 2021
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Crafted belts should hug a character avatar like armor belts or the starter belt.
It will give more appearance options to the players
As a tailor since pre cu this is a very annoying visual issue. Hopefully resto will be the first post live server to fix this.
At this point I am sure everyone knows of this bug. All crafted clothing belts look like you are wearing a hula hoop to some degree. This effect does not happen with armored belts or the simple belt given at character creation. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Aug 2, 2021
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I would absolutely LOVE to see this fixed. I brought a few friends onto this server, who had never played before, and they were pretty disappointed when they spent credits on belts that look so terrible, haha.
I know a lot of people view visual issues as low priority, but I think they deserve more attention than that - especially such a glaring issue as this.
And, perhaps even more importantly, one that impacts the Tailor profession so much. Belts are a huge selection of clothing that just are not worth creating and/or selling. And they can be an important accessory in a lot of players' characters.
It may not be game-breaking, but it looks terrible (lol) and does impact actual game design for players. Plus, style is very important to some of us. :D