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Open Artisan Possible Droid Engineer Update

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
Jun 23, 2022
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Battle Droid= Burn Dot/ maybe a wrist rocket?

Magna Guard= AOE Knockdown

Doctor droid= is fine as is, its a med droid and would stay as such.

Droideka(If added)= would be a pvp droid. Either A: Healing Reduction when it shoots OR B: a slow or Supress.

I also believe these droids should be special from the regular droids, As in you shouldn't be able to recharge the battery's and just keep using it, But should have to take it to a droid engineer to have it repaired just as a weapon smith/ armor smith needs to repair weapons and armor, As these are special droids that have the ability to further assist in battle.

These are just some examples for a few of the droids in the game.
Droid Engineer is rather lacking profession wise IMO, And i think needs a little something extra
I feel that with changes like these it would make droid engineer just a bit more sought out and a bit more special. This change would effect not only pve but also pve in, i think, a positive way.
Droid Engineer seems a bit basic and not up to par with other crafting professions IMO, Here are some suggestions that i have thought of after some thinking.

Droids should have some special moves kind of like CH but slightly different.

Example: Battle Droid would have a burn dot when they shoot, would be slightly more of a droid you would want to use for big PVE battles such as bosses or gold elites.
May 28, 2021
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Droids will never be the equal of pets until there is a Droid Handler profession that costs skill points as CH does. That would be a seperate PV, and one I'd upvote.
Pretty sure there is a roadmap entry to improve droids for combat and give DE some love, but we don't have Jedi or Ranger yet, so ...