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Open Other Profession Prestige System

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Aug 27, 2021
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Upon reaching master in a profession, let player's donate their XP in that profession to the appropriate trainer.
Trainers can be interacted with to tell players how much XP they have donated...
And will give rewards upon reaching various high XP milestones
Some examples could include titles, cosmetics, badges.
Basically rewards to show off your experience in the profession.
Since the proposed reward types are all just cosmetic/show off related. I'd have a hard time seeing how this system could impact anyone negatively.

Besides simply adding new goals and things players can work towards over the course of their journey, this system can also give some more incentive for 80's to join spin groups and help lower level players.
Grinding to Master in everything is very quick with the increased XP rates.
While this is awesome for plenty of reasons, it does make "mastering a profession" not feel like much of an achievement to many players.
Having a system like this could make more optional goals for players to work for over time, while also not affecting the current XP rate of the game.
New System that would add some long term xp related goals.
Sep 22, 2021
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This sounds likean awesome idea.. or sometingfor prestige points as well


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May 28, 2021
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We actually have a profession prestige system in the books, but it’ll be after 1.0 so people don’t think it’s tied to Jedi.
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