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Open Other [QoL] Item Recategorisation and Bazaar Cleanup

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Jun 8, 2021
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Recategorise items that fall under the "Misc -> Generic Item" and create new categories as appropriate. For the Bazaar cleanup effort, unused categories should be removed, such as "Data". Categories such as "Misc-> Live Sample" and similar subcategories should be removed and items within these should be recategorised.
Improve new player experience and ease of use of the bazaar terminal to find items without using the search function.
There are currently a lot of items categorised under "Misc->Generic Item", which does not properly describe the item. This makes it difficult to find specific items, especially if a new player was using the terminal. The bazaar is also just fairly messy in general, even without looking at some of the items with broken strings.
I will detail some suggestions for change here over the next few days, including removal of some categories and introducing new ones.

I want to highlight that "an Incubated Egg" should recategorised from the "Misc->Generic Item" category ASAP and preferably out of the Misc category altogether. This could be placed under a new category from the main bazaar menu to be named something along the lines of "Bio Engineering", where other items could be recategorised to also.
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Sep 18, 2022
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I support this. It took me several days to realize the reason I couldn't find a pet mount is because they were in the wrong category.