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Open Other QZ delivery and survivor missions love

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Jun 20, 2021
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Slow pace of delivery npc down
not allow npc to vanish if having the mission for delivery or survivor escort
wont feel cheated every time it happens, can finish achievements
frustrating that it will have to be done so many times and can actually finish the achievement
Slow the delivery missions npc run pace down. I need to use my SL alt with a run buff to keep up. Some of them the buff isnt enough.

Also do not allow the npcs to just vanish once the quest is accepted on both of the mission types. Ill get 100 yard from a survivor completion and POOF the npc just vanishes. Ill also get a few hundred meters away from the delivery mission completing and then the same thing happens. POOF. This is not the same as letting the npc get to far away, its happening a few meters away from me.

I feel ill have to do 3 times as many missions for both to get it to count towards the achievements