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Community News Recruitment for Special Staff Roles

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The SWG Restoration team is growing and looking for more volunteers to support our upcoming projects. Outside of our normal contributor opportunities, we are now recruiting for some special volunteer roles to join our team. If you have any interest in the below roles, please submit an application here. Feel free to reach out to @Exceed via Discord or Forum PM if you have any questions.

Lore Master and/or Story Creatives
We are seeking one or more creatives to act as lore masters, tracking the specific lore of our server and helping to write storylines and creative copy for future content additions. This role primarily involves creative writing, pitching narratives, creating storyboards, and writing content for implementation, such as character dialogue. This role will use proprietary internal tools as well as the Google Suite for their work. Primary requirements for consideration are knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, as well as high attention to detail and organization.

Back-End Web Developer
We are seeking a Back-End Web Developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL to support the development of our site services and future front-facing tools for players. Experience with React, Node.js, and web servers is helpful but not required. Work will primarily involve developing extension functionality and general maintenance operations for our main website (, which uses the XenForo framework, in addition to ad-hoc support for internal tooling.

Business Intelligence Engineer
We are looking for a contributor with specific experience in generating reporting and deriving insights from data to help our team answer critical questions about our game and community as we design services and features. This role will be focused on processing stakeholder requests for information and insights, using SQL to pull data from our data lakes, and subsequently creating data visualizations leveraging tools such as Elastic/Kibana, Datalore, Google Suite, and proprietary internal services.

Event Coordinator
We're looking for creative and collaborative folks interested in planning and executing bi-weekly to monthly events in-game, both for staff-hosted events like the Galactic Home Showcase and Senate Inauguration, as well as supporting player-planned events. Ideal candidates have a creative mind with ideas for how to engage players and an interest in the power of organizing and developing community.

All roles have the following minimum requirements:
  • Knowledge of, experience playing, and a passion for Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Enthusiasm for the project and our mission.
  • Professional and well-spoken (fluent English is required).
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Excellent work ethic.
  • Willing to “roll up your sleeves” and doing monotonous clerical documentation-like work when needed.
  • Open to a variety of different work experiences, even beyond those of your direct interest, to support the needs of the project.
    Time to commit to the project on a regular cadence. We all are volunteers with real lives and who want to play the game too, so our week-to-week commitment varies. Sometimes team members volunteer 3-5 hours per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. We're flexible in how much time we commit on a weekly basis as long as you're active and contributing.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Team
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