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Open Outdoors Remove need to target pet before using Pet Instant Stimpacks

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May 28, 2021
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London, UK
At the moment one needs to first target your own pet before using a pet stimpack. This can be awkward in the middle of combat and means targeting your pet, then apply stimpack , and then reacquire your combat target.
To make pet healing with a stimpack work in the same way as a normal instant stimpacks. Whilst some of this can be put into a macro I feel that should not be required.
I believe that pet stimpacks may be treated this way because on live a CH could have multiple pets out at one time. Therefore a need to target the pet before healing. But that does not apply on Resto 3. For myself this would provide a quality of life improvement that wouldn't unbalance the game. I'm no programmer but I would hope it would be a fairly trivial thing to change
Could we have Pet Instant stimpacks changed so that using them applies heals to pet without the pet needing to be targeted first?. Similar to the way ordinary stimpacks heal the owner without needing to self target first. I am having to use a macro for this currently