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Open Other Artisan "Resource Type" column in list view

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Sep 15, 2022
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Add a new column to container. The column should be shown when there is a resource stack detected inside the container while in 'list view'.
The new column should show the "Resource Type:" attribute. (the resrouce name)
The container can be sorted by this attribute.
With big stockpiles, even sorted by resource class, it can get quite messy, and finding a particular resource you are looking for is not easy.
You lose track of the quantity of said resource if you have more than 1000k in stock, because even when sorting the list view, matching resource stacks are not sorted.
Quality of life improvement for crafters with big stockpiles.
Better overview of your resource quantities.
Quicker access to resources.
The same system could apply to serial numbers. If you have different crafted components in higher quantiles, it would be nice to sort the crates by serial number.


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Jul 16, 2021
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Great idea - Looking for specific named resources in a sea of like 'type' resources is a complete pain. More sorting options in list view would be great.