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Jun 28, 2021
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I propose we add a new channel to the server discord that is specifically for people updating the servers resources. Especially since the droids for minerals are broken, it would be extremely useful if we have a very focused channel for which planets people have just searched for new resources, which categories they have searched and updated.
Example, I only have 40 minutes of play time, I want to contribute to helping update resources. I spend 40 minutes searching for new minerals on Tatooine and Talus and update them on the website. The next person comes along and also has 40 minutes, they do Tatooine and Naboo. It would help if that person knew that I just did tatooine so they dont need to spend that time searching and double checking each resource.

An extra chat channel could really help for resources, especially if it is very focused on which planets have recently been done so we have clear timestamps and categories completed. A lot of extra channel chatter will probably make it more difficult though.

So is there something we can do to help make this happen? not sure the best form for it to take, but it would certainly help the entire server.
This will help the entire server.
Hello all, I think we all know that keeping the resources updated is a labor of love, and its something that affects the whole community. We are in a very much symbiotic relationship with sites like swgaide or swgtracker. these sites all share data exports, so updating one like swgaide usually updates them all.