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Developer Diary Roadmap Update - What's Coming in 2024 and Beyond

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Roadmap Update

The Development Team is excited to share our plans for the near term and some of the planned content of our next major publish. This year, you can expect to:
  • Expand the way you tell your Star Wars story through our first iteration of New Playable Species, focused on entertaining, political, and force sensitive sentients, including: Bith, Cerean, Chiss, Devaronian, Gran, Iktotchi, Kel Dor, Mirialan, Nautolan, and Neimoidian.

  • Compete with the start of new bi-annual seasonal challenges, known as Parsecs, for exclusive season-specific rewards and rank on new Leaderboards to cement your galactic prestige. Through the new Dailies and Weeklies, you can earn more rewards towards the revised Planetary Control Game coming in the GCW Update, Unrelenting Expansionism, that makes each battle meaningful and presents new challenges to those vying for control of the galaxy. In a recent interview, the Development Team shared more on our vision for the future of the GCW, you can listen here.

  • Bring the new dynamics of camouflage, subterfuge, and guerilla warfare to the battlefield with the remastered Ranger Profession and unlock coveted jewelry as the original Heroics (IG-88, Axkva Min, Tusken King, The Lost Star Destroyer, and The Temple of Exar Kun) are readded to the game on a rolling basis with new rewards to earn.

  • Stay connected to the happenings of your fellow players through our new Event Portal and coordinate with a connected community using expanded tools for Guild Operations, including rich integrations with Discord and new features for groups. Continue to discover new technologies for artisans through Celestial Discoveries and enjoy easier Enterprise Management with exciting additions, including new civic structures for merchants.

We’re also excited to share a first look at some of our plans for Publish 2.0:

  • A new Criminality System led by Smugglers with opportunities for criminality or heroism and potentially dire consequences will allow certain less than reputable organizations to gain footholds in the galaxy. Make your criminal character look the part with additional New Player Species, including Nikto, Weequay, Dressellian, and two other additions voted on by the community.

  • When you can’t find a podracer, try for the next best thing the underworld can offer. An expanded Vehicle Customization System allows you to highly customize speeders and swoops for Drag Racing with many potential prizes and perils.

  • Venture to the new planet, Nar Shaddaa, a dense and dynamic mini-planet where you’ll experience Grakkus the Hutt’s reign. Your adventures will lead you to steal or learn from Grakkus’ collection of Jedi relics with the help of Vima-Da-Boda, engaging his business associate Olag Greck to enter the belly of the underworld, and enjoying all the tourism district can offer, including Casinos, Nightlife, and the challenges of Grakkus the Hutt’s Arena (which can also be rented to host large events).


    First Look: Early Work Building the Nar Shaddaa Ecumenopolis

Be on the lookout for more teasers (and bloopers) and another Developer Diary diving into some more specifics soon. As always, thank you for your support.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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