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Developer Diary Roadmap Update

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Edit: April Fools from the Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Team!

Greetings Galaxy,

As part of our annual planning cycle, the Development Team has been evaluating the project's future direction and making hard decisions to prioritize resources where we believe there is the most potential for growth and opportunity to positively drive the game's future. Today, we are announcing a change in the project's direction to simplify our work and better enable future development.

Effective today, we have decided to discontinue the development of Jump to Lightspeed and the space portions of the game. Because running space zones is very resource-extensive and costly, and amounts to a smaller portion of overall server activity, there is limited development interest in this area, and this experience will soon be available elsewhere, we have decided that it is not worthwhile to continue designing components of the game (e.g., the GCW) to account for both ground and space, and that instead, it would be better to refocus our investments on the ground game and original experience.

This change is effective immediately. Upon login, players will be unable to launch into the space regions. Next week, an automated process will begin to credit players for their starships and space parts with Galactic Credits as they are permanently removed from the game. Players will also need to use Ticket Terminals for all travel, better supporting our economic goals. We expect that the full transformation of removal of the space components of the game to be complete by the end of the month, which should make the universe feel as though it never existed.

While this change may be disappointing to some, we're confident our reinvigorated and larger development team will be able to delight players by investing in areas of actual value, and won't be discouraged to continue volunteering for the project based on the historic negative attitudes of the space community. We look forward to continue bringing you the best version of the game and all the original experience had to offer, with many enhancements to modernize the experience.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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