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Open Science Combat SL Supply Drop; Ideas to counter the forced healer meta

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Nov 4, 2023
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Master Squad Leader would get a new ability called "Supply Drop", yes, this is pretty much a standard copy of Medical Supply drop from NGE.

The idea is that they drop a Stimpack that shares a cooldown with "Bacta Shot"; and "FORCE HEAL". I was trying to get the right numbers for how much it should heal but I believe it should be around 1100 to 1200. This Stimpack unlike other healing abilities also would gain no benefit from healing efficiency, efficiancy, and healing potency. Additionally, these would be temporary and last 5 hours before vanishing, the CD being 10 to 30 minutes.

The Supply Drop is meant for people who have nothing in medic, and even as a full healer I think this is completely fair as even full healers in this game can have some damage, so why not give more smaller healing options to other classes when it is such a big part of the game. Mind you, they should be restricted and share CDs with existing healing abilities.

Additionally, Bio Engineers could make similar stims with the same ability (I would have them heal less). These also would share a cooldown with Bacta Shot.

My second idea is associated with Bounty Hunters, due to their unique class and how far it is from other classes I think it would be fine if they gained their own unique healing ability and be similar to Bacta Infusion as it heals over time just like it. I would name this ability "Stim Drone", and similar to the idea above it does not scale off any healing statistics, instead it scales off Droid Speed and Droid Precision. This shares a cooldown with both Bacta Spray and Bacta Infusion, but not shot.

A small seeker droid pops out and begins following and healing you. It leaves when it's done, but also can be destroyed to stop the healing.

Droid Precision = Increased Healing.
Droid Speed = Increases the Healing Tick Speed; this is because it stops healing when it dies, so having the heal ticks be faster is a bonus.

This ability would be tied to the Investigation line, and be a nice way to give Bounty Hunter a small bonus.

My third idea is a smuggler ability called "Mug" which would replace or maybe share a CD with Overwhelming Shot. This ability would be similar to the "Heal Cut" proposal I asked for Doctors. It greatly reduces the next heal an enemy uses, however it also heals the smuggler for that amount. The idea is the smuggler mugs the target of their stimpack or healing ability and uses it on themselves instead. So it would reduce the next heal by up to 60 or 70%, and would heal the Smuggler instead (but only by what they cut). This shares a cooldown with both Bacta Spray and Bacta Infusion, but not shot.

To clarify, this not only is supposed to cut the next healing ability, but steal its healing and effects too. Like if you mug someone of their Bacta Spray, you heal everyone around you and yourself because you stole a portion of it. It is VERY powerful, and very thematic to smuggler.

Due to the state of the game without reworking the entire game, 4xxx Doctor and 4xxx CM is absolutely required; there are no builds in the game I can think of that don't have either of these abilities, and this meta will never be dropped unless other classes get healing options or the game is radically changed to a point to being just a different system or game entirely.

Classes that are not medic with healing options is not unique to Medic, as Creature Handler and now Jedi can heal. There are many games that classes that are not healers have options to heal.

As a healer, (a full healer) I think these options not only sound fine, but would be fun additions to add to the game and make it so that everyone can have more diverse builds and not everyone will have to or feel like they are forced to (because lets be honest they are) play 4xxx doctor or 4xxx cm.
Right now pretty much everyone either plays a mix of 4xxx doctor, or 4xxx combat medic due to just how the game plays. Unlike the slow gameplay of Pre-Cu and the fast *everyone has a heal* NGE the game is neither.


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May 28, 2021
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You need to separate your ideas so each can be reviewed independently.

I think the first idea of stim drop is a nice idea.