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Small Additional Button Block

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Feb 11, 2022
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Add in an addition bar containing 3 or 4 button slots
Justification is pretty much it would make life a bit easier :)
Quality of life more than anything, but also freeing up 4 buttons that are used for the same thing on every toolbar set
As I'm increasing my CL on one character into two elite professions, I'm finding that I'm using the toolbar sets more and more (Ctrl + X), however on each the first thing I do when setting one up, is to drag over a number of specific items. My suggestion is to create a small toolbar of 3 or 4 buttons that does not belong to part of the set and I can simply drag over those static items. For example, I always have my vehicle as a button and on my CH character my main pet on another. It could be the buttons are locked - so maybe one for a vehicle, one to equip/unequip a weapon, however I would imagine "free" buttons would be the most straight forward to implement.
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