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Jun 2, 2022
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Creating GCW convoy's missions which require pilots in defending or attack faction convoy's for rewards.
Creating fun space content and making GCW for space engaging.
Make space more engaging and fun for both sides.
Space PVP GCW Convoy’s Concept: This is an concept idea I had for GCW space.

  • Objective: Escort faction convoys through space missions, contributing to Galactic Civil War (GCW) control.
  • Participants: Ace pilots from Rebel and Imperial factions.
  • Requirements:
    • Must be an Ace pilot.
    • Go Overt as a pilot.
    • Specific rank to unlock convoy missions.
    • Mercenaries aka Freelance Pilots can do the convoy missions even if they are not faction on the ground. However, they would only be allowed to do Strike Package and Supply Transport Convoy's
    • Freelance pilots/Neutrals would need to tag along with a higher-ranking faction players to do more challenging GCW Convoy's.
    • Players would need to fly to their faction space station to do the GCW convoy missions
  • NPC Involvement:
    • Friendly and Enemy NPC aces can randomly appear to assist or attack.
Rewards for Success: Players will get a larger reward depending on the difficulty convey mission
  • Pilots Faction:
    • GCW Points.
    • Faction Space Tokens.
    • Space Parts.
    • Credits.
    • XP
  • Rebel/Imperial Mercenaries (Freelance Pilots):
    • Credits.
    • XP
Rewards for Failure:
  • Pilots Faction:
    • Small GCW Points.
    • Small Space Tokens.
    • No space parts or credits.
  • Rebel/Imperial Mercenaries (Freelance Pilots):
    • Small Credits.
Types of GCW PVP Convoy Missions:
  • GCW Strike Package Convoy:
    • Objective: Defend a squadron of bombers, multi-role fighters and fast attack fighters attacking off-screen faction enemies.
    • Defender NPCs: Tier 5 - 7 Starfighters and POB (Tier 5)
    • Attacker NPCS: Tier 5 - 7 starfighters
    • Defender: Fight off enemy NPCs and players.
    • Attacker: Destroy the strike package ships and their escort NPCs.
    • Rank Requirement: LT & Up
    • Freelance pilots who are neutral on the ground can do this mission
    • GCW contribute: Successful mission will flip the space lane by 5%
  • GCW Supply Transport Convoy:
    • Objective: Defend supply transports from enemy NPCs fighters and players.
    • Defender NPCs: Tier 5 - 7 starfighters and POB (Tier 5)
    • Attacker NPCS: Tier 5 - 7 Starfighters to attack the transports, NPC escorts and players
    • Attacker: Destroy transports and escort NPCs.
    • Bonus: Extra GCW rewards for destroying enemy players. Freelance pilots get extra credits.
    • Rank Requirement: Major & up.
    • Freelance pilots who are neutral on the ground can do this mission
    • GCW contribute: Successful mission will flip the space lane by 10%
  • GCW Corvette Convoy:
    • Defender Objective: Defend corvettes from NPCs and enemy players.
    • Attacker: Focus on destroying corvettes and enemy players.
    • Defender NPCs: Tier 7 - 9 an assortment of starfighters, POB (Tier 7) and Gunships (Tier 5)
    • Attacker NPCs: Tier 7 - 9 assortment of ships to attack the frigates, NPC escorts and players
    • Rank Requirement: Commander/LT Colonel & Up.
    • GCW contribute: Successful mission will flip the space lane by 15%
  • GCW Frigate Convoy:
    • Objective: Defend frigates from NPCs and enemy players.
    • Defender: Escort the frigate to its hype space and attack anything that tries to attack it.
    • Attacker: Focus on destroying frigates and enemy NPCs.
    • Mission Difficulty: Frigate moves in a straight line.
    • Defender NPCs: Tier 7 - 9, an assortment of starfighters, POB and Gunships (Tier 5) to defend the frigate
    • Attacker NPCs: Tier 7 - 9. assortment of ships to attack the frigates, NPC escorts and players
    • Rank Requirement: General
    • GCW contribute: Successful mission will flip the space lane by 20%
The mission time could range from 15 or 25 minutes. Those that wish to attack the convoys would need to check their warpad and plan according in attacking it along with any players escorting them.

Hiring GCW Aces:
  • Colonel and Generals can hire temporary GCW aces to act as a wing man and assist for a short time in flipping the space lane. After the time allotted, the ace will hype space out.
  • NPC Aces can be launched once per launch per hour.
  • A sizable amount of credits must be used to get faction aces to assist players in flipping space lanes. Faction pilots must also be overt for this to work.
  • Players would need to go to a rebel or imperial space station to get faction npc aces to help.

NPC Pilots and Ships:
  • Imperial NPCs flying in Royal Tie Guard Interceptors, Decimator POB and Tie Defenders for duty missions. Also, for GCW Space Battles.
  • Rebel NPCs flying in T-Wings and Advanced X-Wings for duty missions along with GCW space battles.

Benefits for Star Wars Restoration Server:
  • Enhanced Gameplay:
    • Introduces engaging space PVP missions, expanding gameplay options.
  • Player Incentives:
    • Rewards players with GCW Points, Faction Tokens, Space Parts, and Credits.
  • Dynamic NPC Interactions:
    • Random appearances of friendly/enemy NPC aces add unpredictability.
  • Rank Progression System:
    • Encourages rank advancement for access to higher-tier convoy missions.
  • Economic Contribution:
    • Credits for Freelance Pilots contribute to the in-game economy.
  • GCW Impact:
    • Flipping space lanes based on mission success influences the ongoing Galactic Civil War.
  • Collaborative Play:
    • Fosters cooperation as Rebel and Imperial players work together.
  • Strategic Meta-Game:
    • Space missions directly affect GCW control percentages.
  • Accessibility for All:
    • Varied difficulty levels cater to players of different skill levels.
  • Continuous Progression:
    • Increasing GCW contribution percentages encourage ongoing participation.
  • Server Customization:
    • Adaptable to server preferences regarding rank requirements and difficulty.

The Concept for GCW Convoy's came from my experience playing the Ace Combat series, Wings over Vietnam (2004), Wings over Europe (2006) and the Desert Storm mod that was apart of the game.
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