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Sep 18, 2022
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  • Create an item which turns you into a small, unobtrusive droid when equipped - such as a seeker droid.
  • 5-10 minute timer, which can be cancelled by combat, to enter or exit this mode.
  • Allow 3D movement while in this mode, so the spectator can find the perfect angle or vantage point, take aerial shots, and stay out of the way of others.
  • Add an ability to this mode to become partially transparent, to be less obtrusive to players, but also completely invisible to npcs and mobs.
  • Disable combat, looting, crafting, and entertainer abilities while in this mode.
  • Grouping, guild chat, group chat, and /tell are disabled while in this mode and also in a PVP/GCW area. Local chat is unaffected.
  • FS/Jedi get a precognition trigger when someone within a certain radius is using this mode. “You feel like you’re being watched.”
  • While in this mode, you are immune to AOE attacks, but can still be targeted and attacked by another player (should they decide they do not want you following them around as a spectator droid). You should be hard enough to hit that you're given some warning you're not wanted, but not so hard to hit that you can't suffer the consequences for not respecting others in this mode.
Adding such an item would make it much easier to get great screenshots, clips, and footage while not disturbing other players who are engaging in combat or content. Some players may not feel entirely comfortable with a "spectator" following them around. They can request that the spectator leave, or shoot the spectator down. The spectator's only defense is their ability to run away.
SWG is unique in that it is simultaneously both ugly as sin and profoundly beautiful. There are incredible moments waiting to be captured in this game - duels, battles, invasions, dance contests, races, etc. Unfortunately, it's also easy to disrupt or disturb other players while you're running up in their face trying to get the right angle, or following them around trying to properly record.

This could benefit roleplayers, content creators, artist, and machinima producers by enabling them to get better footage in an easier way to use in their productions.
Having spent a bit of time attempting some photography and recording in this game, I've come to realize how much I wish I could be invisible while I do it - either to not disturb other players engaging in pvp and other content, or to not aggro mobs and npcs in a scene I'm trying to capture. It can also be difficult at times to find the right angle, position, etc; to frame a shot correctly. Your character's height is a factor, for sure, and kneeling as well as prone both help a lot, but otherwise there aren't too many options that don't involve spawning storyteller objects (which can cause its own disruption, depending on the situation).

While I don't think giving players the option to just be invisible and fly around the map at their own whim is a terribly great idea, I do think there is a reasonable compromise that fits the setting as well: a spectator droid. Similar looking to a seeker droid, but controllable by your character when equipped. Essentially, when equipped, your character becomes a flying camera - granting you access to better vantage points, sweeping aerial shots, and making you less intrusive to other players, while still signaling your presence to them. If needed, an additional ability while in this state to create a quasi-camouflage could be added - to make the spectator droid blend in with the area, but not so much that they aren't still noticeable. This mode could have the benefit of making the spectator droid invisible to NPCs and mobs, while just increasing the unobtrusiveness to players.
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