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Community News Spring 2023 Senators and Senate Program Updates

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Congratulations to the Senators Elect for the Third Term of the Galactic Senate:
  • Melee Senator: Banth (Banth)
  • Ranged Senator: ROHRemis (Remis)
  • Medic Senator: sabz (Ralna/Atum)
  • Social Senator: Ayy (Daesha)
  • Artisan Senator: PhilmorALF (Philmor)
  • Outdoors Senator: RGViza (Lootenant Dan)
  • Hybrid Senator: tecepti (Colonel Meow)
  • Space Senator: Sabatho (RG_Sabatho)
  • PvP Senator: Klaus (Volkish)
  • GCW Senator: jacksabib (Pete)
  • Community Programs Senator: arvenia/Seilene (Seilene)
  • Force Sensitive Senator: Kazhar (Rohlan)
We thank all Second Term Senators for their service, which will conclude following the inauguration of the Third Term Senators on February 18.

In addition, we are announcing the following changes to the Senate Program effective with the Fourth Term (beginning Fall 2023):

1. Break in Service Requirement - To encourage diversity in the Senate, no Senator may hold office in the same seat for more than two consecutive terms. A Senator may retake the same seat after a break in service of at least one term or be elected to a different seat. (For example, Luke can be the Medic Senator for two terms in a row but not a third, but Luke could run for the Ranged Senator seat for a third term, then run for the Medic seat again, or Luke could take a break all together after holding the Medic Senator seat for two terms).

2. Profession Requirements -
  • To be eligible for office, a Senate Candidate must hold the master box of at least one advanced profession under the purview of the Senate Seat for which they are running (this includes the Force Sensitive Senator, who must have completed the Jedi Padawan Trials to run).
  • The candidate for the Community Programs Senator must be an active guild leader or city mayor with a guild or city founded at least six months before the start of voting, must have at least 20 unique accounts, and 60% of members must be active (have logged in within the last 90 days).
  • To vote for the Community Programs Senator, the guild/city must meet the same requirements as those set for running.
  • To vote for the Force Sensitive Senator, the player must have completed at least Phase II of Jedi Unlock.
  • Votes will be voided for any player that switches professions during the campaign or voting period to vote for a specific Senate Seat.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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