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Open Hybrid Squad Leader Group Size/Pre-Reqs

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Jun 4, 2021
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Require Exploration tree of scout for novice squad leader, and allow leadership tree of SL to increase the number of people in the group when Squad Leader is group leader above the current maximum of 8, possibly up to Pre-CU size of 20.
Squad Leader is underplayed, and this will force squad leaders to focus on leading the squad, instead of spreading so many leftover points elsewhere, such as combat medic or a ranged/melee profession. They are a support class, whose focus is supporting the group with their unique buffs, and enemy debuffs. Groups of 20 were a thing in the past, and I don't think this is unreasonable.
Lack of Squad Leaders and lack of abilities to make it fun and engaging.
Hey all,

Wondering if there was a way to implement larger groups? Back in the day, I was a Master Squad Leader/Rifleman, and 20-player groups really made the Squad Leader profession feel more important/essential. especially in PVP and guild events. As it stands, few people really play a Squad Leader at the moment, but I feel like making an additional perk for them would be a nice way to gain some attention. Maybe through the leadership tree, Squad Leaders could gain additional group slots, culminating to a maximum of 20? (Or some other number, just used 20 as it was the old maximum). I understand that some players might dislike that many player health bars on screen, but the point of the Squad Leader is to lead the squad, not focus on damage or healing. I don't see this as an advantage as groups without Squad Leaders would just have to use multiple groups (as it is now). Pre-CU Squad Leader required the exploration tree of Scout as well, which makes sense as terrain negotiation should be a requirement for Squad Leader, who gets +Group Terrain Negotiation skill mods, and forced the SL to choose what else he wanted to focus on, instead the jack of all trades they can be now.

Not sure if perhaps instances and dungeons could limit the group size to 8, but allow larger groups elsewhere?

Anyone feel free to chime in with your thoughts or suggestions.