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Open Combat Squad Leader Leadership skillmod fix

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May 28, 2021
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The leadership skill mod is what is supposed to scale squad leader buffs. It's never worked and you currently always get full buffs regardless of how many skills you have in SL. Here is how the skill mod is supposed to work and the formula for fixing it.

All SL buffs have a base level and scale up by that base every 5 points of leadership. (5 points is the minimum amount of leadership on each skill box up to a max of 125 at Master)

For example. High yield is a 25% damage buff (at 125 Leadership). It's base level is 1%. Every additional 5 leadership will increase this by 1%

The equation looks something like this.

Base value of buff x (leadership ÷ 5) = buff value

[High yield] 1% x (125 [MSL] ÷ 5[the minimum amount of leadership] = 25%

For a real world example. If we have 44xx SL. This provides us with 50 points of leadership. Therefore a high yield would provide a 10% damage bonus.

This would also easily allow for any future plans that might add more leadership skill mods (heroic jewelry etc) as well as easily being able to buff/nerf any existing skills. (Buffing or nerfing can be done by editing the base value of the skill)

Anyway, here are the buffs and their base amount:

High yield [% damage increase] - 1
Toughen [Armour increase] - 48
Tactics [Melee/ranged defense] - 6
Steady Aim [Melee/ranged accuracy - 6
Blaze of glory [% Crit chance increase] - 0.6
Boost morale [% Action and mind regen] - 0.6
Call to arms [Group Armour increase] - 40
Rally point [5% increase in dodge and damage decrease] 0.2 (This might be a stand alone buff that isnt meant to scale because of how low the actual percentages are)

These buffs don't provide a number in game..hopefully they can be found in the code: (To get the base value, you have to find 4% of the current buff value)

Double time [Cooldown reduction]
Verbal Assault [Increased aggro generation]
Combat feint [Decreased aggro generation]
Volley Fire [Armour penetration]

The movement speed buffs

Form up

So these don't actually show any info like those above. However I don't believe they actually scale with leadership anyway. Their skill tree contains "burst run efficiency" and "Group burst run Duration". So they'll have their own scaling. I don't actually know if the scaling is working because i haven't tested.

Lastly these aren't affected by the leadership skill mod:

Called shot [Has its own scaling]
Paint target [Is a stand alone attack and effect]

Both of these are actually debuffs

*Second chance (this is from the MSL box and has a unique ability and imo is best to be left out of the scaling all together)

I also would like to add. Since called shot and paint target are not group buffs (they're debuffs and do not scale with the leadership mod) they should be changed to allow use when not in a group.
To fix the Squad Leader buff scaling skill mod
To properly scale the Squad Leader buffs and to prevent any unintended interactions
Any questions are welcome.