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Open Combat Squad Leader: Toughen

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Nov 4, 2023
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I think it would be much better if Toughen used the same mechanic as Force Armor and provided a second set of armor instead of adding additional armor. This would be much less armor overall than Force Armor and you can make it just not stack with it if it would be overpowered with it, since it would be an ability meant more to enhance normies.
There are two main reasons I want this ability changed, one being it adds such little damage reduction due to diminishing returns that it just isn't useful.

The second reason is it should be more compared to High Yield. Gaining a large bonus to damage is way better than a tiny amount of damage reduction.
I really liked how Force Armor and Jedi was made in general, a lot of the mechanics and ideas it introduced were pretty fresh and it would be nice to see some of those fresh ideas put to play in other classes, though less strong and more limited: like Toughen.
I'd like to see the change to Call to Arms as well since its kind of useless overall compared to Tactics, but that is another PV.