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Open Outdoors Structuring Scout to Support CH & BE

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May 28, 2021
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Novice and Master Scout box: 
move the bonuses to DNA harvesting from Novice Ranger (+10) and Master Ranger (+10) to novice + master scout
Paired with....

Move BE prereq in scout to x4xx:
 this will give the scout prereq a direct benefit to BE and mostly restore preNGE DNAharvesting to BE. 
The inclusion of the last +10 DNA harv in master box is to further make master scout impactful.

Re-add foraging stat to tree (4xxx this time) with another bonus in master scout: 
This will build upon CHs ability to farm lyase (truffle pig) and allow them to contribute further when they are already dealing with high pet costs and will always be at the mercy of a BE. The foraging stat would be the NGE "foraging bonus" stat since it's functional and the other foraging stat is not.
Only one scout tree directly supports CH: xx4x (creature knowledge to learn skills; creature harvesting a nice bonus but not required). CH also requires 4xxx, which while mask scent is nice, it's not supporting CH in what it does best, which is foraging.

The scout prereq for BE (xx4x) doesn't directly affect/benefit BE either. Pre-NGE DNA harvesting was with BE. The trapping line (x4xx) has the initial bonuses, with novice + master ranger having the extra +20. Ranger is almost entirely unimplemented beyond DNA harvesting. On top of BEs already relying on Master Artisan, Master DE, and Master Architect they must rely on Master Ranger & spec into all of scout, to have a benefit to their craft, which is arguably not functioning properly (boost to mutation chance stops at 90% DNA, which is cap in base system).
To start the process of bringing all of scout into the fold and finally have it truly support the Outdoor classes it's a prereq for. Some benefits in the tree directly affect ranger more than CH/BE, which isn't even implemented besides DNA harvesting.

CH: build upon what it's best at and allow for more contribution

BE: eliminate an unnecessary reliance on Master Ranger for max DNA when many dependencies already exist. Additionally, the skill points required for Master Ranger is quite insane for only one functional benefit.
These changes would allow scout to support CH and BE similar to how master artisan supports the master crafts (BE is a crafting profession with no artisan prereqs). Three of four scout trees will have a fleshed out purpose, with Master Scout contributing as well. This could allow for the "scout-style" gameplay so many miss and give more incentives for Master Scouts to exist, which currently only have one major benefit (+50 creature harvesting).

As for the Scout Camping line, this has already been inferred to being worked on here:
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