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Open Other swg retention rewards from original release.

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Sep 18, 2022
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It is my proposal that swgr make these rewards available again. as a purchase option. sell tokens similar to the fortitude tokens or make them available for purchase on your website. now that they are no longer available any where else. this would bring in large amounts of financial resources for development and support. don't make them a rediculous amount of money. but making them a fair cost would do alot for the support for the game. as it is now the fortitude tokens are almost impossible to get for anyone that was not on the game in the very early days. or is not a youtuber.
it would make those of us that played the original very happy because of all the stuff we can't get back.
i played the original. lol
When the game was originally out. you could get rewards for paying your monthly fees and for inviting others to the game.