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Open Combat Targeting icons for Group Leaders

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Jul 29, 2021
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Add the ability for the Group Leaders to select targets and place icons over the heads of Group targets. Similar to Squad leaders but without the buffs.
Easier for Group coordination, Most newer MMO's support systems like this. This sis not to degrade the value of Squad leaders.
Allows for better group coordination so that Group leaders can set target order. And better identify Crowd control targets.
Create a system for allowing group leaders to place icons over targets and players. Allows for better coordination in groups. This is not to degrade the position of Squad Leaders. This would not provide any buffs, just identification. Also on the PVP side, I would recommend that these icons be removed from enemy players on death. ie in PVP a Healer has to be marked each time they join the battle. Also, the marks would only be visible to the group that placed them.

Sadly I could only find a pic of a WOW example


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