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Community News The First Bi-Annual Petranaki Tournament

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Today we are announcing the call to arms for the first bi-annual Petranaki Tournament.

The Petranaki Tournament is a special week-long event that escapes the nuance of factions and guilds for a more civilized, global bloodsport. Players will sign up using their account and join one of three teams: The Acklay, Reeks, or Nexu. During the week, PvP is only possible through team-vs-team engagement for special rewards, as further described below.

How it Works:
  • Sign up using this form between now and May 10.
    • If you are interested in being a team captain, be sure to check the Captain Interest box when submitting the form on or before May 3.

  • On May 9, at 8 PM EST, an in-game draft event will take place. Team Captains will roll a dice, with the ascending order determining who will make their first pick in what order, and thereafter selections will be made using Snake Draft ordering. After all drafting has taken place, a pre-battle period will begin where teams will be automatically assigned, and players will gain access to an in-game and Discord channel for their team, to allow for initial coordination. Any players who sign up after the draft will be assigned randomly.

  • The Tournament will begin at 6 PM EST on May 12 and last for seven days until 6 PM EST on May 18. Kills will be broadcast to Discord.

  • During the Tournament, other factional and PvP mechanisms, including City Invasions, Base Busting, Special Forces PvP, Bounty Hunting, GCW Rank Decay, and other TEF-mechanics will be disabled. The only PvP-based activity available will be through the Tournament.

  • All characters on your account whose combat level is >= 54 will be drafted into the war and will be flagged against the opposing two teams at all times. The only exceptions are: (1) a five-minute timer after cloning will exempt both you and any enemies from attacking each other, and (2) cantina structures in NPC cities and Jedi Safe Havens will continue to be truce zones where attacking one another is not possible. Nowhere else is safe.

There is no Winner in the Petranaki Tournament; it is a celebration of bloodshed. There are, however, prizes for certain feats:
  • A badge will be awarded to each Team Captain.

  • A badge will be awarded for defeating every enemy player on both enemy teams at least once (by account, not by character).

  • A badge will be awarded for being the 1st draft pick of each team.

  • A badge will be awarded for reaching 100 and 500 kills during the tournament. 500 kills during the tournament is the only way to win a title.

  • A badge will be awarded, and you will qualify as having completed the event, if you get at least 100 kills, with at least 50 being from one enemy team and 50 being from the other. If you qualify as having completed the event, you will also receive a cash prize of 1M credits.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Team
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