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Not Implemented Other Thimble's goons need to make a loud noise when they come.

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Sep 6, 2021
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Add a very loud and annoying sound (something you can hear over the combat sounds) to thimble's goons.
It's wrong to come in and kill me in 2 mins without really giving me a chance to know you're there. If i'm actually AFK then I won't likely hear it (or get to it in time to say their name) anyway. However, if I am actually at keyboard and just on discord/wiki/whatever, it gives me a chance to realize they are there.
I didn't appreciate dying to them when I was actually at keyboard and answering questions in discord. Do you really want to punish people for using the only real and reliable communication method we have in this game?
Sometimes you're actually at the keyboard but reading discord and don't see them. They need to make a very loud and obvious noise when they come in, to make you look back at the screen (and away from discord/wiki/playervoice, whatever).
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