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Open PvP Toughness Incentive

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Mar 3, 2023
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For every 100 points of toughness a player has, grant a 2% reduction to the duration of DOT effects received.
This would not reduce the usefulness of DOT abilities and damage from players in both PvP and PvE. This would increase the utility of toughness.

At most, if added to toughness and a player actually stacks toughness, a player would be reducing their received DOT durations by about 5% at end game as there isn't currently a largely used way of reducing DOT durations whatsoever.

As there are already many sources of bonus health, this does not continue to create a health increase for worry of too much health on any one player.

For reference, 250 toughness is granting only 500 health, equating to an average of merely 1 strike or less in a fast moving combat game dealing that much damage on an average hit.

Many cl80 combatants have plenty of health through other sources, about 3500+ without toughness added including average buffs and fully decked equipment.

In the end and even along the way to cl80, another 500 health feels low and hardly noticeable at around a 14% increase to total health vs the amount of damage being dealt in a single blow. Other attributes affect more mods than toughness and have far outweighing increases when compared.

As for the state resist bonus of 2.5% at 250 toughness, this feels low in comparison to the other effects of stat mods unless specifically stacked with Agility for another 2.5%(5% total) state resist.

Agility adds the same exact state resist bonus and does more, as higher defense now means less damage from a weapons damage range. Combined, this effect is very small in impact and unnoticeable still with a 1 in 20 chance of it working as is.
In practice, 1 hit or less added to overall health is hardly a huge deal. Toughness is currently the least useful attribute when compared to others, especially for any cl80 player.

It would be great if it brought something more to a player as most attributes do currently, as shown on the attribute chart.
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