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Not Implemented Space Track IR Broken

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May 28, 2021
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Investigate and dedicate assets to restoring trackir functionality.
Greater space immersion
TrackIr used to work but was removed/broken along the way somewhere. I used to love playing in space with TrackIr. Now I just do not enjoy it with that immersion being broken. Please look into restoring that function!
Hello all,
On launch and for the first year trackir work flawlessly. After a bit of a break I have noticed that trackir is no longer supported with SWG Restoration. Unfortunately I can not pin down which update broke it. This is a big bummer as it was a huge part of making space immersive. I really struggle to want to play in space after having that capability removed or "broken". I would request that steps be taken to attempt to repair trackir's functionality. This is my favorite post-live server by far and I have been here seen day one. I am just disappointed this no longer works. I also fully realize that this is a very niche part of SWG and will probably never be fixed.
Thank you all for your time.
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Jun 1, 2021
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Thanks for your suggestion!

TrackIR support was intentionally deprecated by our team due to limitations in its interoperability with other client changes we’ve made, a lack of resourcing to support it, and very little demand for its use. We have no plans or intention of reimplementing or providing support for TrackIR on SWG Restoration.
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