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Open Trade Pets (with limitations)

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Jun 13, 2021
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Allow trading of pets with the following limitations:
- Revert pets back to level 1, or revert their loyalty back to wild, or both
- If we think players will abuse this in some way, maybe at least allow pets to be "No Trade Shared" to swap between your own characters
I tried out CH on my main character to see how I liked it. I invested a lot of credits in 60pt pets to compare to other builds. I like CH for pve but not pvp so I dropped it on my main but would like to pick it up on my second character. However, all of the credits I invested into purchasing pets is now wasted and they just sit in my creature container 😿
Gotta catch em all!
May 28, 2021
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BE pets are expensive, but that high price is based on the fact they don’t deteriorate over time like armor and weapons do.
If pet trading does come in, pets will need to have some form of condition decline similarly to armor and weapons.