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Open Social Treachery! (A badge and title proposal)

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Oct 1, 2022
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The Implementation of a pair of badges and associated titles. A small reward for doing a factional change, an investment that already requires 5 days of waiting to be eligible to switch sides.

Firstly, one must leave their current faction and wait the time mentioned beforehand, then they must join the faction opposite to the one they were originally part of. This will award them the "Traitor" badge and title. Marking that you decided to throw your lot in with the other side.

But wait! There's more! This can be done a second time, leaving the new faction and returning to the original after a 5 day waiting period. This time a player will be rewarded with the "Double Agent" badge and title. Signifying that you've gone back and forth between both sides of the conflict, and your true loyalty is hard to determine.
Just to give an added incentive to try changing factions, players may try doing more questlines on the side of their new faction before deciding they want to go back. And as mentioned, everybody that does it gets a badge and a title (or two.)
Chiefly? Badges and Titles are awesome. And this seemed like an oversight back in live, a factional change is a big thing and should have at least a mark of notice, which a badge and title would serve the purpose of nicely.
Hey all. My first post here in player voice, and I've got a small suggestion here in regards to factions. Just a few social items that comes from changing factions.