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Patch Notes Update 1.2.3 - Skyward Bound

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Patch Notes
Update 1.2.3 - Skyward Bound

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Changed The root debuff resistance timer now lasts 90 seconds (from 120).

  • Changed Items that remove snares and/or roots will now reset snare and root resistance timers after wearing off. This affects the Anti-Mobility Dampening Device, Synaptic Stimulation Collar, and Ice Cream if it removes a movement debuff.

A Patch Note IconCommunity

Player Cities

  • Changed Static decoration storyteller props placed within the boundaries of a player city no longer expire and can be used for decoration. This does not apply to NPC, effect, or other storyteller item types. There are no costs associated with this decor. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Changed City Mayors and Militia can now remove storyteller props placed in a player city.

  • Changed We recognize the city changes announced with Update 1.2.1 took some players by surprise, and we want to apologize for this approach to our change management. While we intentionally do not forecast all updates and changes, we’ll try to identify earlier opportunities to share our intentions with the community. We'll share a Developer Diary in July with more details, but are making the following changes immediately:
    • Shuttleports and City Decorations (including gardens) will no longer have a city maintenance cost.
    • All player cities already established during the 1.2.1 changes will receive a one-time 3 Million Credit payout to their treasury (pro-rated if the city was founded thereafter).
    • Any structures or decor that are already placed in place must be packed and replaced for the price change to take effect.

A Patch Note IconContent

Idiot's Array

  • Added A new lounge for the most elite of Pilots, The Idiot’s Array, has opened up in Bela Vistal. Factional Aces, that is, players who have earned Ace Status in all three of any one faction’s squadrons, are eligible to enter.

  • The Idiot’s Array offers new Tier 8+ challenges and mission content, and five new quest lines offer exciting, repeatable adventures and rewards.

  • Visit Skyyy’rwok, the Club Bouncer, to determine if you qualify for entry, and Myrna the Space Queen, for rewards.

  • Earn eight new badges, including a new Server First that’s up for grabs, as well as several new titles for your character.

  • One reward available for completing content includes the Vigo Starship Player House, a special structure created by Rabiator in memory of the late Irish Darkshadow, a member of the SWG Source and SWG: Legends Development Team, without whose support of collaboration and the SWG community our server wouldn’t exist.

  • Once a player reaches Ace of Aces status, meaning they have earned all nine ace badges, they will gain access to the following benefits:
    • Double Total Ship Limit in Datapad to 12
    • Double Total POB Ship Limit in Datapad to 4
    • Hangar Player House Structure
    • Special Vendor Access that accepts Space Battle Tokens
    • Token Reduction Cost from Kash Nunes on Parts and Schematics
    • Additional 1x Experience Multiplier for Pilot Experience

  • Changed Mustafar Instances have been adjusted as follows:
    • Beetle Cavern: Explosion damage from Beetles has increased; Assist aggro has been increased such that the Foreman will assist Beetle Defenders when attacked.
    • Droid Army: Forward Commander and CWW8 droid damage has been increased.
    • Droid Factory I: CWW8 droid damage has been increased; Assist aggro has been increased for Battle Droids where they will assist Colonel OR-5; New ability sets have been added to Super Battle Droids and Battle Droids; Upon failing the initial code sequence, droids enemies will now spawn; Droids in the main entry room will no longer respawn once killed.
    • Droid Factory II: Devastator droid abilities and the Doombringer's damage have been increased.
    • Sher Kar: Sher Kar's damage has been increased.
  • Added Mustafar Instances now have Difficulty Modes, which are aligned with our future difficulty mode plans for Heroics. Whoever enters the instance first will receive a popup to select the instance difficulty. For each mode, NPCs have adjustments to health, accuracy, damage, defense, KD immunity, and armor. Many of the mechanics for each instance are scaled with the mode. For example, Beetle explosion damage or Sher Kar healing from eating Karlings are scaled as well as the phase duration in Droid Army. Loot tables have also been adjusted for each instance mode described below. We are planning on publishing a balance patch in 2-3 weeks after players have had a chance to test these out, and make sure the balance feels right at all difficulties.
    • Womp Rat (Easy): In easy mode, mobs and mechanics are much more forgiving. Pick-up groups can go through the instance and familiarize themselves with the instance. High-quality or valuable loot does not drop from Womp Rat mode.
    • Bantha (Normal): This mode is the baseline and is similar to the live game. It challenges unprepared players and those without experience with the instances. Loot drops are as they already existed.
    • Rancor (Hard): This mode is more difficult and requires a well-organized team composition, technical expertise with the instance, highly geared players, and strategic coordination. Loot tables in this mode are modified such that low-value/junk loot will not drop, allowing the existing pool of available loot to only be filled by high-value items (i.e., the same number of items that drop, but all items are guaranteed to be high value).
    • Krayt Dragon (Nightmare): This mode is extremely difficult and requires players to creatively solve ways to defeat instances, utilize all tools at their disposal, build squads that are completely in sync, and make zero technical mistakes. It may add additional mechanics not seen in other modes. The loot tables in this mode are modified both to remove low-quality loot and offer new Legendary versions of items.

  • Changed The Force Crystal from the Trials of Obi-Wan finale now grants Healing Potency instead of Healing Efficiency, which should allow healing to be more impactful during this fight.
  • Changed The XP gain from Nym's Starship questline has been reduced.


  • Changed The Celestial Shipwright quest item, Hopper Shielding, has been moved to a different warzone on Talus.

  • Changed Once a player has completed the Ridth DNA Collection, they will now receive a pointer quest informing them to return to Ridth.

  • Changed Certain static quests, such as Rakir Banai, who awarded the Shellfish Harvesting Tool, have been temporarily turned back on until they can be upgraded by the development team.

  • Changed The Darklighter Cache quest now properly re-grants the quest to the player if they fail the quest due to running out of time.

  • Changed The Rroot - Captured! quest now re-grants the quest if the player fails the encounter.

  • Changed Reduced the WoD Acolyte respawn timer to 10 minutes so players can complete the quest more easily.

  • Changed Added more conversational pointers to the Mos Eisley Mayor to guide players to proper NPCs during side quests.

A Patch Note IconEvents

Festival of Harmony

  • Added The Festival of Harmony, a celebration of acceptance and the diversity of our galaxy, is taking place in June. A crackdown by the Empire has ruined plans for most festivities, but several contraband items are available for purchase with 100,000 credits on the Galactic Fortitude Vendor, including:
    • Harmony Sparklers for entertainers who want to share a more colorful performance.
    • The Harmony Necklace is for those wanting more color in their style.
    • Four exclusive paintings that are available this year only.

A Patch Note IconGalactic Civil War

  • Fixed Players who log out or close their client while inside a factional base will no longer immediately disappear (e.g., "safe logout") and will instead persist in the world for up to five minutes.

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Added Two new schematics have been added to the Tailor profession: A neck-only wrapped scarf and a head-covering wrapped scarf.

  • Changed Reverse Engineering Tools will now show their current tape setting and modifier bit in the attributes pane of the examine window based on the contents of the tool. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Fixed Kinetic Repulsion Generators (from the Chu Gon Dar cube) now grant Melee Defense instead of Melee Damage Reduction.

A Patch Note IconForce Sensitive

  • Added Jedi will now incur XP/Skill loss upon becoming a Force Ghost:
    • 500,000 Jedi General XP will be lost upon becoming a Force Ghost.
    • If the death that caused the Jedi to become a Force Ghost was caused by a Bounty Hunter or another Visibility-related consequence (like an Inquisitor), the XP lost is 1,000,000 instead of 500,000.
    • If the player has negative Jedi General XP after this loss, they will lose one of their highest-trained Jedi Discipline skills. The XP from that skill will be refunded to the player so that they once again have positive XP.
    • If a player has no Jedi Discipline skills to lose, they will remain in negative XP.
  • Fixed Jedi can no longer use travel tickets gained through unintended means to work around visibility travel restrictions.


  • Added Jedi defeated in combat as part of the GCW or by a Bounty Hunter (but, for example, not a Duel) will now drop new trophies for all non-Jedi players involved in their defeat.
    • Five trophies are available: Broken Lightsaber, Cracked Holocron, Fractured Kyber Crystal, Torn Jedi Robes, and Charred Jedi Cloak.
    • These unique trophies will show information about who they were taken from, who killed them, and the time of death.
    • Trophies can be sold to junk dealers for between 50,000 to 100,000 credits, depending on the type.
    • Trophies can alternatively be added to a new Order 66 - Player Slayer collections, one for each type of trophy. Each collection completed will grant a permanent +2% Jedi Damage Reduction Skill Mod.
    • Completing any one collection will grant the badge Making the Galaxy Safe Again and the title Patriot of Dathomir.
    • Completing all of the collections will grant the badge No Match for a Good Blaster and the title Needs No Hokey Religions.

  • Changed Visibility gain now scales based on the number of friendly/aligned Jedi in your immediate vicinity rather than for all Jedi in the area. This change was made to realign the incentives in PvP to simply not stack too many Jedi on the same team, making the visibility gain something more in the player's control.

  • Changed A NPC can now only report each player only once per 5 minutes (instead of 1 minute).

  • Changed A player can now only report another player once every 15 minutes (instead of 5 minutes). This change was made to make visibility gain more manageable in situations where visibility was accruing so fast that players were simply ignoring the consequences.

  • Changed Jedi are now allowed to use the Mustafar travel shuttle even if they have high visibility.

  • Changed Visibility reduced from completing mission terminals will now be scaled down (from 200) if completed in less than four minutes, proportional to how long it took you.

A Patch Note IconProfessions

Bounty Hunter

  • Added Bounty Hunters that accept a bounty from a high-visibility player (above 4000, aka Inquisitor level) will receive a Breaching Charge that's tied to that bounty. The Bounty Hunter can use this Breaching Charge while at the doorstep of a private house that their target is inside of. Doing so will eject the targeted Jedi from the building after a short delay (and prevent them from logging off and disappearing inside the house during that delay). In the future, we intend to reimplement these as new crafted items from Droid Engineer.

  • Changed High-level bounties, including player bounties, may now be taken at Investigation IV (4xxx) instead of Master Bounty Hunter.

  • Changed Jedi players that are currently in a safe haven (like The Ranch) will no longer appear on Bounty Hunter terminals

  • Changed Bounty Hunter terminals will now indicate if a player target is a Jedi.

  • Fixed The Songwriter in the Village now properly grants the Ethereal song to those who have met the requirements

  • Fixed Weapon subcomponents with SAC bonuses or Critical Hit bonuses (e.g., looted barrels) will now properly be baked into the weapon craft.

A Patch Note IconSpace

  • Added Players may now pay Han Solo 50,000 credits out of their bank after threatening to report Han to Jabba during the Nym’s Starmap Part IV quest. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Added Ionic Pulse Weapon has been added to the reward loot crate pool

  • Changed Increased PVE missile damage by 2x

  • Changed Properties of all Tier 6+ NPC ships, excluding Nova Orion and Ace pilots, have been rebalanced. Scaling of top speed, yaw, pitch, and roll have been decreased such that top speeds are now ~130 instead of ~160. Damage on high-end turret ships such as the Aggressor is reduced as well as an increase in turret miss chance and spread angle. Missile accuracy has also decreased.

  • Changed When leaving the sector during an uncompleted Duty Mission or deleting the mission, players will receive a message that the mission has failed as opposed to successfully completing.

  • Fixed Corrected a bug with the spawning of Ace Imperial Pilot Turr Phennir.

  • Fixed Emergency Shield Front and Back now have a cooldown modifier of 1.0 instead of 0.1 The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed Smuggler’s Alliance pilots can now take the Jabba Throne Room access quest anytime in their pilot profession.

A Patch Note IconUser Interface

  • Added UI Scaling is now available, allowing you to scale the user interface up as your screen resolution increases, ensuring you're able to adequately see all user interface elements in resolutions higher than 1080p, such as on 4K monitors. A new option to configure scaling is available in the SWG Client Setup application (Launcher > Launcher and Game Settings > Game Settings > Graphics > UI Scale). You may need to experiment with multiple scales to your preference. After adjusting your UI scale, you may need to run /ui reset in-game to reset the positions of all UI elements. Special thanks to the SWG: Legends team for sharing this work with our project. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Added The Vertical ("Side") Toolbars can now be toggled through a new checkbox in the User Interface Options in-game. The Vertical Toolbars will be hidden by default.

  • Changed The maximum waypoints that you can store in your Datapad has been increased from 100 to 250. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Changed The login screen background will now rotate through a selection of seasonally thematic artwork.

  • Fixed The Skills UI Window now properly displays the experience progress bar on each individual skill box in the skill tree when you are actively earning experience points towards that box.

  • Fixed The Skills UI Window now properly displays an arrow “>>” next to professions you have purchased at least one skill in when browsing the “All Professions” tab.

  • Fixed The Experience Monitor now properly populates with your available skills for advancing when you first log in.

  • Fixed A bug that caused combat commands to appear "stuck" in the combat queue, requiring players to use /clear before they could perform certain actions, such as mounting a speeder, has been resolved. Please report any additional actions that appear to be caught with this behavior to the Development Team.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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