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Open Other Vehicles / Jetpack animation improvement

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Aug 28, 2022
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-First, as I read in a previous post, we would be able to wear it as an appearance backpack.
-Second, what about if instead of teleporting in the air suddenly, we varied the height on the Y axis according to the speed?
Example, I have the vehicle equipped, but I am floating on the ground. When I start to move forward I gain altitude (varitation from Y:0.5 meter to Y:6 meters). Full speed, I arrive at the maximum height that is actually in game. When I slow down, I come back down and land progressivly to the ground (from Y: 6 meters to Y:0.5 meter).
-Using actual fuel that is used for ITV, to refill the jetpack (not repairfrom a broken one), if you are far away from a garage.
There are animation or behavior issues.
I know it will not be a top priority, as not so many people are using a jetpack.
nevertheless if one day you rework the subject of vehicles, it may be wise to improve the functioning of the jetpacks as following

Of my new jetpack acquisition and what I expect from it.
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Aug 18, 2022
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Yep. The animation has always been clunky. Would be a nice touch to make this change.