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Open Artisan Water Speeder

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Aug 14, 2021
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Add a new speeder bike to the game that is faster on water than on land. The speeder proposed would be a 2-seater.
Speeder bikes offer a lot of novelty into the game and an alternate method of traveling across the planets via water routes at a much faster rate than on land would be unique, engaging, and immersive.
All speeders slow down over water. The concept of a water based speeder that is quick over water was intriguing and would provide unique travel opportunities across the planets.
Propose a new speeder bike that is considerably faster on water than land. This would add some unique travel opportunities on several planets. Imagine navigating Lok via the numerous rivers that cross the globe. This could be the fastest speeder in the game but again, only when it is on water. While on land it would be no faster than some of the multi-person land barges.

The image provided is a 2-seat concept
. Water_Speeder.PNG
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May 28, 2021
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I like this. As fast on land as a V-35, but on water, as fast as a speeder bike is on land. Cool idea.