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Open Outdoors Wondering somethings about Creature Handlers.

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Feb 3, 2022
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to have an accurate list compiled of what is available currently on the Resto 3 server. and to check/fix the broken abilities, and to add a way to get certain abilities without having to de-level.
makes researching and learning the abilities more accurate.
being more informed of how the pet abilities work, and or don't work
First- does anyone know if there is a compiled list of which pet abilities can be learned and which ones cannot? I know some need the necklace from Mustafar, but Swgpet site is not entirely accurate. some of the creatures have abilities listed but they don't actually use those abilities.

Second- With regard to pet abilities, are some abilities only learnable from creatures that is random lair spawns? I have tried to learn some abilites, and have had no luck despite trying to learn them from every creature SwgPets has the ability listed for from mission terminals.

Third- I have found what seems to be several broken abilities. Charge, Spit seem to break my characters ability to use his abilities if they are turned on.

Fourth- Is there a way to change the abilities like Kick 1 so that a lvl 80 can learn it. i would need to de-level to about lvl 6-10 to learn it based off Swgpets. since the only creature that has the ability is the wild Falumasets on Naboo. not 100% on this next statement, but even if you went just CH from the start, i think you would be past the point of those mobs giving exp by the time you would be able to learn pet abilities. not quite sure though.

I would eventually like to have all the pet abilities learned, but i would not like to waste countless hours trying to learn abilities from creatures that i can't learn from.

Lastly i found a wierd issue with learning abilities from the same creatures as my pet. For example, i was using a Vesp to learn disease/enfeeble 3. I went to Lok picked up some vesp missions, out of 6 missions i was able to get enfeeble 3, but not disease 3. Yet during my 6th lair mission, i happened to see a Pharple nearby and it was green. so i went over hit creature knowledge, sent my pet in and had disease 3 learned in a few seconds. To me that makes no sense at all.

May 28, 2021
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Two issues:
There is a good possibility the list you desire does not exist. And, if it does exist, the chances are very good that the dev who compiled it is no longer with Resto and is not even in communication.
The resto devs are reluctant to share all the details of their game. They feel some "mystery" is desirable.