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Not Implemented Combat "You must be in a Group"; Squad Leader

This idea/suggestion has been flagged as Not Implemented because of a lack of popularity, lack of interest, lack of feasibility, or other determination by the Development Team, so the suggestion will not be implemented. Once a suggestion has been flagged this way, the decision is final. Although the issue may be raised again in the future after a six month cooldown. A response explanation from the Development Team can be found in the thread.
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Nov 4, 2023
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Remove the need to be in a group to use any of the buffs, debuffs, or abilities.
List of Reasons
  1. Its stupid.
  2. It was a needless measure, and oversteps the reason it was implemented.
  3. Buffs drop randomly, and even things that random player crashes can drop your buffs.
  4. Jedi has a better version that doesn't require a group.
  5. Its bad game design.
  6. It isn't fun.
I hate bad game designs like this, they are needless and overshadow things with little to no reason. I can understand removing ways to AFK, but complaining about a droid doing 25% more damage is a bit silly. Nobody really cares about soloing in PvE.
No message, only hate.
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Jun 1, 2021
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Squad Leader is a utility profession intended for use in groups. The trade off for having those strong buffs available in groups is the skill points required to be spent making your character otherwise have less abilities when not in a group. This is an intentional design decision we announced long ago.
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