2022 Galactic Moon Festival | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

2022 Galactic Moon Festival

  • Galactic Moon Festival is an Event. In an effort to gain more support from the planets Naboo and Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt has decided to throw the first annual Galactic Moon Festival so everyone can celebrate the horrifyingly awesome haunts of the season.

    Jabba has grown tired of all the love festivals, celebrations of life, and other saccharine events. Thus, it is my duty to report to you that he has taken it upon himself to throw the scariest festival of the year! Jabba has sent me, Aponte, to give you a quick preview of some of the great things he has planned for the big celebration.

    In order to participate in what is sure to be the "ghoulest" happening this year, all citizens have to do is visit the Galactic Moon Festival Organizers that can be found outside of the Moenia and Mos Eisley starports (waypoints 4790 -4777 and 3523 -4806 respectively).

    Trick or Treat​

    To Trick or Treat, speak to an event organizer and request a costume as well as a projector. To Trick or Treat:
    1. Create a short "/say trick or treat" macro and assign to hotbar
    2. Add the projector to the hotbar.
    3. While in costume, go to any NPC in Eisley or Moenia and use your trick or treat macro. Your cursor should be on the npc while you activate the macro.
    4. If they don't like your costume, use the projector while your cursor is hovering over them. Select a choice and hit enter on your keyboard while also hovering the cursor over them.
    Cap is 600 tokens per day, but you can go above the cap through bonuses granted with the projector.

    The Dead Speak​

    To start the quest chain, follow the Dead Speak guide.