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The Dead Speak

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  • The Dead Speak

    This quest is part of the Galactic Moon Festival Events.
    To start the quest, travel to Naboo, Moenia and purchase a Dusty Scroll from Z'ozpheratu, the Event Organizer.
    /way Naboo 4790 -4778 Z'ozpheratu;

    You will need to collect 3 random objects in a random order from the following list. Some of these objects require another person to help you activate a staircase by interacting with a special Holocron. Objects must be collected in a randomized order.

    An object that is successfully collected will display the message: "The scroll glows as you collect (Object name)"
    If an object is not needed it will display the message: "This object doesn't interest you"
    If an object is needed but not at that moment it will display the message: "You feel like you may need this later..."

    When you have collected all the objects, speak to the corresponding Gravestone, then speak to the NPC near it to complete the quest.

    Collectible Objects
    /way 4892 -4945 Angry Skull (Second floor of Medical Center);
    /way 4863 -4913 Cracked Skull;
    /way 4769 -4567 Dusty Skull (Requires Stairs);
    /way 4656 -4622 Old Skull;
    /way 4751 -4565 Scary Skull;
    /way 4763 -4919 Spooky Skull;

    /way 4694 -4807 Old Jaw Bone;
    /way 4948 -4808 Spooky Jaw Bone;
    /way 4975 -4739 Scary Jaw Bone;

    /way 4857 -4797 Expired Ale;
    /way 4887 -4946 Old Flask (Second floor of Medical Center, is floating in the air) (Requires Stairs);
    /way 4924 -4955 Spooky Flask;

    /way 4651 -4690 Old Pile of Holocron Splinters;
    /way 4703 -4840 Pile of Holocron Splinters;
    /way 4832 -4831 Pile of Holocron Pieces;
    /way 4676 -4940 Pile of Holocron Shards (Requires Stairs);

    /way 5032 -4880 Altered Jedi Holocron (Is floating in the air) (Requires Stairs);
    /way 4762 -4900 Altered Sith Holocron;
    /way 4945 -4838 Destroyed Holocron;

    When activated, a set of stairs will appear somewhere in the city. These stairs will only appear for 10 seconds before disappearing again. Each stairs holocron has a cooldown time of 40 seconds before players can use them again. A musical jingle will play when the stairs has disappeared.

    Stair Holocrons
    /way 4674 -4994 a Holocron (Stairs for Pile of Holocron Shards);
    /way 4858 -4573 a Jedi Holocron (Stairs for Dusty Skull);
    /way 4837 -4705 a Sith Holocron (Stairs for Old Flask);
    /way 4968 -4882 a Sith Holocron (Stairs for Altered Jedi Holocron);

    /way 4708 -4775 Dusty Gravestone;
    /way 4983 -4733 Spooky Gravestone;
    /way 4568 -4886 Cursed Gravestone;

    When you are finished with the Dusty Scroll, continue with the questline by purchasing the Spooky Scroll (requires 4 objects), and finally the Cursed Scroll (requires 6 objects), repeating the process outlined above.


    Rewards for completing all three quests:

    Special thanks to ristlin and Suggma Bals for assisting in finding the objects.