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A Dangerous Defense

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  • This quest is part of the Celestial Discoveries questline for the Shipwright profession.

    Hugo Cargot: Not the Hopper Shielding too!
    You: Another part missing?
    Hugo Cargot: That's a custom coil unit that protects the Cargo Hold and its contents from damage. The new Cargo Hold is so large we had to rebuild from the ground up. Luckily we were able to reverse engineer the Celestial tech we found.
    You: So I'm looking for the Hopper Shielding?
    Hugo Cargot: Yep. And that could be anywhere really. Let's hope the Hopper Shielding didn't crash into a structure somewhere. Could do some real damage.

    There will be an in-game popup and the quest will update when you select OK.

    Hugo was hoping the Hopper Shielding didn't crash into a building or anything. Be careful out there!

    Level: 1
    Hopefully you can find the Hopper Shielding
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Hoping for the Hopper Shielding​

    Hopefully find the Hopper Shielding. Be careful out there.
    • You can find the Hopper Shielding at the Weapons Depot POI
      • This is a PvP area and you will be flagged as Special Forces if you enter
      • You must be a member of a faction to enter, you cannot be neutral and be flagged as a helper
    /way talus -4960 -3082 Hopper Shielding;
    • Once you've found the Hopper Shielding, the quest will update

    Return to Hugo​

    Return to Hugo
    • Make your way back to Hugo Cargot and speak with them
    Hugo Cargot: Good on you! Thanks for finding the Hopper Shielding. Don't be bringing those toxic Rebels or Imperials around here though.

    This completes the quest. Speak with Hugo Cargot again to progress the questline.

    Hugo Cargot: I finished surveying all of the damage. One last piece went missing. The new Junction Joint that holds the Cargo Hold together. Can't believe how expertly designed it was by the Celestials to withstand the internal forces.
    You: You sure it's the last piece?
    Hugo Cargot: Absolutely. This was the final component needed for us to boost the Cargo Hold to over 10k units.
    You: So where should I begin to look?
    Hugo Cargot: Your guess is as good as mine on this one. The Junction Joint was probably shot off pretty early when I was still mining asteroid. This will be a tricky one to track down.