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Asteroids for Shepard W. Zuko

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  • This quest starts the Celestial Discoveries questline for the Shipwright profession.

    Note: Some steps and waypoints in this guide are hidden intentionally, in case the player wants to search for them themselves. To show the steps and waypoints, simply click on the SPOILER textbox.

    You can start this quest by visiting and speaking with Shepard W. Zuko in the Celestial Temple on Yavin IV.
    /way yavin4 1281 -6490 Shepard W. Zuko;

    He will only speak with you if you are a Master Shipwright and have completed the Corellian Engineering Corporation questline.

    This questline is repeatable. You can speak to Shepard W. Zuko in the Celestial Temple to reset the questline.

    Shepard W. Zuko:
    Finally someone qualified for the job.
    You: What job?
    Shepard W. Zuko: We are testing this new technology of course. With the incredible design of this cargo hold we believe it can keep the integrity of the hull with over twice as much capacity! No wonder the Celestials could construct such large space stations.
    You: You mentioned a job?
    Shepard W. Zuko: Yes of course. Our last Miner, Hugo, was mining in the Corellian System and has not gotten back to me and we need to finalize testing. We need to fill this cargo hold with Silicaceous asteroid to ensure it can withstand load as soon as possible. And do let me know if you see Hugo up there.

    Level: 1
    Shepard has asked you to acquire some Silicaceous asteroid and also see if you can find Hugo.
    Recommended combat level: 1 (Space quest)

    Mine Silicaceous Asteroid in Corellian System​

    Mine Silicaceous asteroid in Corellian System
    • Launch your ship and travel to the Corellian System
      • Before launching, be sure to load a Mining Laser and Cargo Hold that can hold a minimum of 2,000 asteroids
    • Once you arrive to the Corellian System, you will need to mine 2,000 units of silicaceous asteroid
      • Note: You may be attacked by several waves of Tier 1-3 Asteroid Bandits
    • After you have mined 2,000 units of silicaceous asteroid, the quest will update

    Return to Shepard on Yavin IV​

    Return to Shepard on Yavin IV
    • Land and make your way back to Shepard W. Zuko in the Celestial Temple
    • Once you arrive, speak with them
    Shepard W. Zuko: Oh goodie! Now we can move forward with the destructive testing!

    This completes the quest. Speak with Shepard W. Zuko again to progress the questline.

    Shepard W. Zuko: So did you end up seeing any sign of Hugo up there? He was piloting our most advanced cargo hold prototype.
    You: Nothing at all.
    Shepard W. Zuko: Well I suppose I should have answered his Comlink after all. He was just being so annoying with the calls for backup. Being asked for help with these asteroid pirates every day grows quite tiresome. Just test the cargo hold already am I right?! His last message did have a lot of screaming, however. Go see what else you can find up there.