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Bugging the Meatlumps

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  • Bugging the Meatlumps is repeatable daily quest and a collection, that is part of the Meatlump Code Breaker Collection Tier 2 collection.

    To start this quest simply speak to a Meatlump (no really, I'm a Meatlump), located near the ladder as soon as you enter the Meatlump hideout.

    /way Corellia -563 -4333 a Meatlump (no really, I'm a Meatlump);

    They will give you a Meatlump Listening Device and the goal is to go to certain locations within the Meatlump hideout and to use this item.

    You will see a "This looks to be a good location to bug the Meatlumps" prompt on your screen when you are at the correct location.

    There are 5 locations you need to use the Meatlump Listening Device at.

    /way Corellia -490 -4296 Location 1/5 (2nd level);
    /way Corellia -619 -4277 Location 2/5 (main level);
    /way Corellia -536 -4286 Location 3/5 (2nd level);
    /way Corellia -549 -4288 Location 4/5 (main level);
    /way Corellia -589 -4270 Location 5/5 (2nd level);

    Once you have bugged all of locations, return to a Meatlump (no really, I'm a Meatlump) to complete the quest and collection.

    Reward: XP, Meatlumps, and progress towards the Meatlump Code Breaker Collection Tier 2 collection

    • Locations
      1. In the center of the tables near Chef Schlump
      2. In the main room near Snugli Explevey
      3. Near the bench to the right of the Meatlump King
      4. Between the Meatlump Vendor and the pallet with junk
      5. In front of the Super Battle Droid working for the Meatlump Complaint Department