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  • Collections By Planet​

    Original credit to Karpm and Shintu for developing the list for swgr and the guild SHADE and its affiliates for testing the routes.

    Each page contains sets of waypoints(called Parts) that can be copy/pasted into macros in-game for ease of generating all the waypoints. Note that by default paste is not keybound in SWG and must be manually setup via keybindings. Be aware that macros can only handle 15 lines of text, so do not attempt to combine multiple parts into one macro.

    If you have to stop doing a route partway through, you can use '/note collectionListName', where 'ListName' is the planet name, and assign `/note collectionListName' to a macro to keep a note of where you left off.

    Start Here​

    These routes include five collections which must be picked up from separate NPCs: Bubbling Rock Collection, Steaming Rock Collection, Glowing Rock Collection, Burning Rock Collection, and Unknown Astromech. These are acquired from four 'collector' type NPCs that offer an assortment of collections, of which you can only have 2 active at a time. If you already have two active from one of the NPCs it is recommended to complete/drop as needed to pickup the ones in the route to save time later.
    /way Tatooine 3264 -4820 A Collector(Steaming Rock Collection);
    /way yavin4 -344 4811 Breac Slaus(Glowing Rock Collection);
    /way endor 3277 -3498 Jener Mich(Burning Rock Collection);
    /way Tatooine -1108 -3655 Kakirk(Bubbling Rock+Unknown Astro);
    Note: 'A Collector' has short quest series that completes 3 guided collections and grants a title that must be completed before being able to acquire the Steaming Rock Collection.

    Advice for Running as a Group​

    Make sure to buff up before the route with at least an entertainer buff. If the route contains any purple waypoints(see below for more details), then also get a doc buff and make sure you have buff food and drink as appropriate.

    An easy way to let group members know you are ready to continue, when running these routes as a group, is to mount you vehicle when ready.

    Route Optimization and Waypoint Types​

    Waypoints are ordered by number and subordered by letter(ie 11b). The order of waypoints is determined by: favoring group content early in the route, the speed of the route, trying to start and end at a starport, and distance of the route. Not every waypoint is a collection item, the color of the waypoint indicates what it is:
    Blue(default color) = collection item
    White = exploration badge
    Yellow = entrance to cave/bunker/instance/etc
    Green = travel directions
    Purple = start or endpoint of difficult to reach collection items(usually has further details on the page)
    Additionally, some waypoints have subdirections enclosed in (), like (right) or (inside).

    Included Collections​

    In addition to all Exploration Badges, the covered collections are:
    Rare Melee Weapons Mark I Collection
    Rare Melee Weapons Mark II Collection
    Rare Melee Weapons Mark III Collection
    Rare Melee Weapons Mark IV Collection
    Rare Pistol Weapons Mark I Collection
    Rare Pistol Weapons Mark II Collection
    Rare Pistol Weapons Mark III Collection
    Rare Rifle Weapons Mark I Collection
    Rare Rifle Weapons Mark II Collection
    Rare Rifle Weapons Mark III Collection
    Rare Carbine Weapons Mark I Collection
    Rare Carbine Weapons Mark II Collection
    Rare Heavy Weapons Collection
    Lost Imperial Shock Trooper Armor Collection
    Lost Imperial Stormtrooper Armor Collection
    Lost Imperial Scout Trooper Armor Collection
    Lost Rebel Assault Armor Collection
    Lost Rebel Battle Armor Collection
    Lost Rebel Marine Armor Collection
    Publish Gift Tusken Kill Quota
    Bubbling Rock Collection
    Steaming Rock Collection
    Glowing Rock Collection
    Burning Rock Collection
    Flowers for the Forgotten
    Force Shui - Pitch
    Force Shui - Roll
    Master of Force Shui
    Dust Durni
    Hanging Light
    Hanging Light Style 2
    Four Sages of Dwartii Collection(Partial)
    Beetle Collection
    Potted Purple Flower Collection
    Potted Plant Collection
    Unknown Astromech
    Collecting Comlink Pieces
    Collecting Datapad Pieces
    Datapad Collection
    Com-link Collection
    What a Piece of Junk
    Prop-er Techniques
    Instrumental Music
    Panoramic Vistas: Tatooine
    Stage Control Unit
    Camp Location Collection
    Camp Alpha Items
    Camp Beta Items
    Camp Gamna Items
    Camp Delta Items
    Camp Epsilon Items
    Research Facility Items
    Camp Collectibles
    Patriots of Dathomir